About the International Private Water Association

The International Private Water Association - or IPWA as it is more usually known - was formed in 1999 to address the changing dynamics that are taking place in individual countries around the world within the context of the evolving water/wastewater infrastructure project and service arena. 

IPWA serves as a conduit between the public and private sector players - facilitating effective timely dialogues that highlight the critical need for speed, transparency and cost-effectiveness in the development and operations of global water and wastewater projects, and the practical means for achieving those elements in projects. 

More importantly, IPWA is uniquely recognized as one of the few independent organizations that address, as a central part of its mission, the potential expanding http://dream-trading.ae/ role of the private sector as a viable partner to governments and “parastatals” within the global water/wastewater project and service arena.
IPWA provides ministerial dialogues, workshops, networking receptions, information resources, financial tool options and model project framework options.

IPWA's objectives, as summarised in its articles of incorporation, are:

Project Development

  • To identify opportunities for public-private sector partnerships in water and/or wastewater projects as well as other water-related projects such as desalination and water purification.
  • To collaborate with multilateral, bilateral, governmental and other entities in
    • the development of guidelines for competitive bidding processes and contract negotiations for facilitating water/wastewater project undertakings,
    • the recommendation of structures for guiding public-private partnership project options,
    • the development of approaches and solutions for appropriately subsidizing water services.
  • To establish a forum for addressing water project risk iq option issues, project fundamentals, guarantee issues, and other matters necessary for the successful financing of water projects.


  • To serve as a clearinghouse and contact point for private sector water project participants and governmental officials.
  • To organize meetings, conferences and seminars devoted to those critical issues impacting the development of public-private partnerships and increased private sector investment.
IPWA members participate in four regional groups which are headed by IPWA Vice Presidents: (1) Europe, Middle East and Africa; (2) Latin America; (3) Asia; and (4) North America. Additionally, IPWA has established a Financial Tools Taskforce. The regional groups collect information on opportunities and developments in the region; liaise with key officials and organizations; and plan needed studies, roundtables, and information sharing programs.

IPWA welcomes members representing the full spectrum of parties involved in the planning, investing, regulating and managing of water projects. Members include project developers, construction and engineering firms, equipment suppliers, professional service providers, multilateral funding iqoption agencies, water utilities and government ministries, related associations, financial institutions and others interested in the development of public-private partnerships within the water/wastewater project sector.

We welcome membership participation on our various regional groups, task forces, roundtables, etc.


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